Success breeds success. Be a part of ours.

Over 13 very rewarding years, we have become established as the leading recruitment firm in the Infrastructure, Energy and Real Assets space. Our client list and testimonials speak for themselves – you’ve probably seen some of them already on the site – but we are not resting on our laurels.

We welcome new ideas, fresh blood; our gene pool is evolving. If you are an experienced Recruitment Consultant looking to position yourself in a growing market where you can grow proper roots, we want to speak to you about how One Search can accelerate your career.

One Search Referral Scheme:

One Search are looking to grow with the right people – talented, ambitious, those who work collaboratively and believe in professionalism and integrity.

The people we hire is critical to us, so we want to offer a market leading referral scheme:

  • Consultant – £2,000
  • Senior Consultant – £3,500
  • Manager or more senior – £5,000

Why One Search?

  • Opportunity to work on senior retained mandates
    • Seven figure mandates
  • Market leading commission scheme
    • Bill £400,000 and earn £200,000
  • Flexible working
    • If successful, have every Friday off work
  • Successful and growing
    • 100% growth last year with exciting plans

We offer a unique opportunity for people looking to move away from contingency recruitment into search. If interested, please contact Dan McCarthy at

We will back you:

Just ask our people – we empower bright young people, giving them not only the tools but the responsibility that they need in order to flourish.

We will reward you:

One Search pays its people basic salaries at the very top end of the market. Our commission scheme is innovative and rewards the most successful more richly than any other recruitment firm in our class – not just with money, but a range of innovative benefits tailored to what the person actually wants out of a career here.

We will free you from corporate nonsense:

One Search is certainly not for everybody. If you think that a Consultant should always wear his tie, even at his desk, or that it is unprofessional to go to the on-site gym during the day, you are probably better off in a large, faceless corporate. We have a distinct character and sense of humour, which would not go down well with those who take themselves too seriously. Recruitment is about relationships, and relationships are about character and perseverance – not KPIs, stuffy rules or corporate politics – all of which we shun.

We’ll be honest with you:

We will open up our placement book to you and show you how successful we are. We will tell you, warts and all, what we are and what we want to be. We don’t want anyone joining us on false pretences. We want honest, hard-working people to join us, so we start by showing you the same courtesy.

A proven track record:

Still a young business at the onset of the credit crunch, we did more than ride the waves – we actively grew into the space left behind by retrenching competitors. We were profitable every year throughout the crisis, against all the odds, thriving in the face of adversity. In the more prosperous years since, our profits have grown in double digits every year, and we have embarked upon a global growth program.
If you have charisma, perseverance, resilience, tenacity, passion, if you have something to say for yourself, if you are proud to be a recruiter, contact Dan at

Success breeds success.
Be a part of ours.