Tidimalo Padi

Consultant, ESG & Sustainability

Tidimalo is a seasoned executive search professional with a demonstrated track record of delivering on several global investment, fundraising & IR, and C-suite roles on behalf of infrastructure funds, investment funds and portfolio companies. She has delivered on mandates in Europe, UK, Africa, UAE and USA.  She has delivered on roles such as Head of Investor Relations,  Chief Investment Officer, Investment Partner,  Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer among others.  Tidimalo has partnered with several companies on their succession planning and leadership development initiatives.  Prior to joining One Search,  Tidimalo worked across other industries including venture capital, banking, telecommunications and technology.   Tidimalo started her career in psychometrics and academic research.

Outside of work, Tidimalo enjoys traveling and learning about different cultures.  Some of her travels have been to Indonesia, USA, Senegal, Kenya and Italy to name a few.

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