Dariya Tolumbayeva

Consultant, Equity

Dariya works within the Equity practice. She has 6 years of direct experience in the infrastructure sector via her prior work as a financing and investment professional for infrastructure arms of various financial institutions.

Dariya holds a BSc in Economics from University College London. She has worked for Macquarie Capital, OMERS and BNP Paribas, and really enjoys the infrastructure market. Dariya’s interest in recruitment arose when she found herself successfully helping her friends in her network, find better career opportunities. After a few years of doing it for fun, she decided to turn it into a job.

In her free time, Dariya enjoys knitting, driving and making videos. She loves animals and she is fascinated in Ethology. She also spends considerable time stargazing, studying advanced technology, astronomy, and planning her trip and subsequent life in the Pleaides.

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