Chris Bell

Senior Advisor
Europe, Americas, Middle East

Chris is passionate about purpose, people, and partnerships.

A Partner at Capstar Advisers, Chris makes use of a lifetime of diverse, high stakes communications and leadership experience to help individuals and teams achieve their goals. It’s never better than seeing clients exceed even their own highest expectations.

Chris is a proven communications specialist and adviser to senior leaders around the globe, including FTSE 100/250 companies. Before becoming a Partner, Chris was a Major General in the British Army. He was private secretary to the Head of the Army, a senior commander up to Divisional level, founded and scaled a communications agency, and redesigned the Army’s talent pathways, training and recruitment engines. He is himself a highly experienced strategic leader who knows the pressures and responsibilities of heading up and transforming large organisations.

Chris speaks basic conversational level German and has lived and worked overseas for more than 20 years, including Germany, the Middle East, Africa, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Republic of Korea, and the USA.