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Infrastructure Debt Funds

Our Sectors Infrastructure Debt Funds

The Early Days

Even before 2012 when Allianz Global Investors kick-started a trend of major institutional investors coming direct to the Infra Debt market, One Search was ahead of the curve and working with a number of boutiques who had foreseen this shift in the market. We were the only recruitment firm ever to place with the ultimately ill-fated Hadrian’s Wall Capital, and we helped the now much lauded Gravis Capital Partners to build a team during the early days of their existence.

Rise of the Institutional Investors

When Allianz Global Investors did decide to make their bold move – ahead of any other institution of its type – they chose us to help them do it. We introduced them to some of the brightest and best professionals in the Infrastructure Debt market (from monolines, banks and advisors) and a formidable team was quickly built – a team which remains intact, and still growing, four years later.

On the back of this success, we have been mandated to build all of the Infra Debt businesses which are considered a potent force in today’s market. From top to bottom we have built the European Infra Debt teams of MetLife, Hastings Funds Management and AMP Capital Investors to name a few, and that is without even mentioning significant one-off hires into early-stage Infra Debt platforms with the likes of Wells Fargo, et al.

The future

Today we are as prominent in this very dynamic sub-sector as we have ever been. We are highly active in the US, helping some of the same clients mentioned above to build out their Americas platforms, and we are also looking at opportunities for our clients to establish themselves with teams in Asia and Australia. We predict that the institutional investors already in the space will keep looking to grow and that those not yet exposed to Infra Debt will start to make inroads, and we have positioned ourselves to remain at the forefront of this niche.

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