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Financial Modelling

Our Sectors Financial Modelling

Financial Modelling is a skill set at the very heart of everything our clients do. Every investment, every project, every asset, is modelled and stress-tested in the minutest detail from all angles by investors, lenders, sponsors, and the ability to build an accurate model can make all the difference between a successful outcome and a disaster. The stakes are high, and the role of Financial Modeller has gradually become more and more important since the skillset first started to be taken seriously in the late 90’s.

One Search has spent a decade familiarising and aligning ourselves with the best modelling methodologies and most importantly, the best modellers themselves. We have been responsible for bringing countless Graduates (predominantly from Maths, Physics and Engineering backgrounds) into the discipline over the years, and then partnering with them as they use their modelling ability as a springboard into a banking or investment role. We have also placed numerous Senior Modeller and Head of Modelling positions into institutions who rely heavily on financial models as part of their day to day business.

The types of organisation who rely on our network to help them attract the best professionals are as follows:

Advisory Boutiques

There are a handful of elite advisory firms whose primary concern is the building of highly complex financial models relating to new projects and investments within infrastructure, energy and real assets. Their clients are the funds, banks and sponsors at the cutting edge of the industry and they are mandated because of their reputations for getting it right, leading to bids being won and successful investments being made, producing far higher than average returns for the shareholder. Across the planet, these boutiques are using One Search to make sure they continue to hire the very best talent available, keeping them at the forefront of the highly competitive financial modelling world. We have placed practically the entire team at DWPF in London, we recently placed a Director at Operis in Toronto to head up their North American operations, and firms like F1F9 and Centrus Advisors also use our services.

Professional Services

Many of the large accounting firms have Financial Modelling businesses within them, usually situated in their Project Finance or Corporate Finance practices. One Search has successfully placed into all of the Big 4 many times over, not to mention other very strong outfits such as Grant Thornton, Baker Tilly and Mazars – all clients of ours. We place Partners to lead entire modelling practices, we place graduates into their first job as a Trainee Modeller, and we place everything in between.

Modelling roles in Banks, Funds and Sponsors

Many of our banking, investment and commercial clients also need the modelling skillset in-house, but the roles here are generally much broader than those in the advisory houses. Some Funds and Sponsors have their own dedicated modelling teams, and One Search has built these out from scratch for the likes of John Laing. Others will outsource most of the heavy modelling to an advisor, but still require strong financial modelling skills in many of their hires, and because of our reputation for sourcing and assessing the very best modelling candidates, we continue to be mandated by the likes of InfraRed, Terra Firma, 3i, Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management, Equitix and Balfour Beatty Investments.

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