Relentless, honest and committed (both to you and our clients)


Despite strong roots grown globally throughout the industry over 10 years of targeted relationship building in the sector, we don’t rest on our laurels.  We continue to scour the marketplace relentlessly for talent at all levels, taking the time to get to know the junior players – oft neglected by complacent others – who will be the future of the industry.

We align ourselves with the best of breed – the upper quartile of candidates only – and make no apology for it.  However, if we don’t believe there is a strong enough match between your profile and our requirements, we will at least have the courtesy to tell you so, rather than just ignore you, which seems to have become the industry norm.

Our approach enables us to spend time where it is really required – meeting with, understanding and putting together a plan of action for the individuals we look to build a relationship with.  You will know from the very outset that you are not just another name on another database, as you may have been made to feel elsewhere.

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Image: Black Thunder Coal Mine, Wyoming, USA