Cara Buckle
Executive Assistant to the CEO

Cara started out as an Office Manager at One Search in London back in the day, and only left because her husband’s company relocated him to ‘The Big Apple’, New York City (otherwise she never would have left!). 5 years, motherhood and a sausage dog later, Cara is happily back at One Search working right alongside her favourite head honcho, Dan McCarthy.

As a stereotypical California girl, it’s rare you can’t hear her booming voice from miles away. This is especially helpful when leading the singing at her son’s playgroup (which he is already embarrassed about BTW!) or making sure the legendary rascals at One Search stay in line.

When she’s not singing along to whatever cartoon her son is currently obsessed with, she loves to dance, go on date nights with her hubby and have Saturday morning cuddles with the family.

Cara is so overjoyed to be part of One Search again – she’s back and ready to get down to business!