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Since 2006 we have been at the heart of the infrastructure and energy universe, growing with the asset class as it came from nowhere to become the USD3.9 trillion* industry it is today.  Along the way we have built relationships based on trust and discretion with the most influential people in the industry worldwide.

Whilst we know that our relationships across the Infrastructure and Energy finance and investment space are the envy of our competitors, we will not let ourselves become complacent. We are always looking to build new relationships as well as strengthen existing ones, all the while playing our important role in the industry’s development by bringing fresh new talent into it. Read more about our capabilities and culture below.

*Source: “Global Infrastructure Trends 2020”, Richard Abadie Global Leader, Capital Projects & Infrastructure Partner, PwC UK.

Global Reach

This is a truly global sector, with projects and assets being financed and invested in right across the far reaches of the planet. Our team is diverse and multi-lingual – as is our client base – and we pride ourselves on completing mandates in the most challenging of locations.

In 2021 alone, from our offices in London and New York, we successfully led hiring processes in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, Luxembourg, Madrid, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, Sydney, New York, Toronto, Miami, Chicago, Houston, Mexico City and Lima.

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Our Culture and Team

Our company culture is different to that of any other recruitment company we know, and we strongly believe that this, alongside the calibre and commitment of our people, is what sets us apart from the rest.  We are down to earth and pragmatic.  We are relationship people.  We work with people and organisations we believe in, and we go the extra mile for them. Furthermore, we want to have fun!  We don’t agree that having a sense of humour and wanting a serious, fulfilling career are mutually exclusive concepts.

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