Case Study: Osprey Charging Network


Having recently raised growth capital, the business is experiencing unprecedented growth (5x per annum) as both the global and UK market expands, with more and more people switching to electric vehicles, and Osprey’s own network is deployed. This growth is creating a number of challenges for EV charging businesses, such as Osprey, one of which is recruiting the right talent. Read the case study below. 


Osprey Charging Networks (Osprey), a leading provider of EV charging infrastructure in the UK, has appointed a new CFO to drive growth. Monique Rodrigues brings a wealth of experience in finance, scaling businesses, val- ue creation and strategic planning to Osprey Charging, having recently held the CFO role for Revolut’s Insurance business.

The company

The global market for EV charging stations is currently valued at $11bn and is forecast to grow at over 27% CAGR between now and 2030. In the UK alone, the number of electric cars on the road is expected to reach 12 million by 2030.

Backed by Cube, a $3bn Infrastructure Investment Fund, Osprey is one of the largest and fastest growing high power charging networks in the UK.
Having recently raised growth capital, the business is ex- periencing unprecedented growth (5x per annum) as both the global and UK market expands, with more and more people switching to electric vehicles, and Osprey’s own network is deployed.

The challenge

This growth is creating a number of challenges for EV charging businesses, such as Osprey, one of which is re- cruiting the right talent.

Firstly, the market is relatively new, so there is a limited pool of experienced CFOs with the skills and knowledge needed to add value in this area. Secondly, the market is growing rapidly, which inevitably puts pressure on peo- ple, processes and systems, so there is a high demand for CFO talent that can grow and scale a business, raise and deploy capital, build teams, work with ambitious investors, and build a financial and operational infrastructure for the future. In addition to these factors, Osprey also wanted a diverse shortlist of candidates and needed to find a CFO who was passionate about EVs and the environment.

In short, Osprey needed a world class CFO. One Search’s CFO Practice was mandated to find this person.


It was imperative that the incoming hire possessed the necessary strategic acumen, particularly in delivering growth, in order to contribute to the development of the organisations’ strategic position together with the CEO.

One Search identified similar business models and sit- uationally relevant adjacent sectors that would allow us a sufficiently large “pool” of relevant candidates that we could filter against the client’s very exacting criteria.

One Search successfully recruited Monique Rodriques a Chartered Accountant and Oxford University MBA grad- uate. Monique was the former CFO, Insurance at Revolut, the fast-paced FinTech platform and brings very strong people skills and a rich background in growing and de- veloping businesses and building the architecture for growth. Monique’s appointment is a significant milestone for Osprey Charging and with Monique’s expertise in fi- nance and strategic planning, Osprey Charging is confi- dent that it will be able to continue to deliver on its ambi- tious growth and value creation plan.

Click here to find out more about One Search’s CFO Practice.

“We retained One Search to hire a CFO to take our business through the next stage of growth. This was a challenging and complex search, but the quality of the candidates was very high, and Marcus and his team were able to deliver a strong and diverse shortlist of candidates.

We are very happy with our new appointment and would strongly recommend Marcus and One Search to anyone looking to hire an exceptional CFO.”

Ian Johnson
Chief Executive Officer
Osprey Charging Network

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