Industry Xmas Drinks at The Groucho Club Again

“I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me for a member” was the quote by which Soho’s famous Groucho Club was inspired back in 1985. How apt then, that The Groucho has become the home of the now very well established Infrastructure & Energy Finance Industry’s Christmas Drinks event.

For the 3rd year running, One Search is proud to sponsor the event which, unlike those of our competitors comes with a ‘no recruitment waffle’ guarantee. Just free-flowing drinks, great banter and more dad-dancing late into the night from the likes of Gary Neville than your snapchat account can handle.

Whilst the event is always over-subscribed, we always hold back 10% of the places for new relationships. So, if you don’t already know the lovely folk down at One Search (perhaps a certain former conference ticket seller has told you about me, but you are waiting for the chance to come and judge me for yourself, for instance!), and would like to come and take this unique networking opportunity in a relaxed party environment, just drop me a line at, and I will try to accommodate you.