Introducing the ‘Young Women into Finance’ Scholarship Programme

Scholarship Programme

The programme aims to demonstrate to young women of school age (Year 12 onwards) that they can pursue a career in Finance and, for those who show serious interest and potential, to provide a pathway to achieving this upon graduation.

The young women on the programme will be supported through the CISI Capital Markets and Corporate Finance Qualification, with constant access to their own exclusive mentor who is a hand-picked, experienced and fully vetted member of One Search’s network.

During Years 12 and 13 you will work your way through the Foundation Level of the Qualification, and also benefit from organized site visit with your mentor’s organization in the City of London, where you will have a guided tour of a major financial institution, see how things work and even help out on some project work.

During your University studies, we will continue to support you on multiple levels as you gear up for a career in Finance:

  • Over 3 years, we will support you as you work through the Qualifying Level of the CISI Qualification.
  • We will support you as you learn to build a complex Financial Model from scratch (a skill which will give you a huge head-start in the job market).
  • At the end of Years 1 & 2, you will benefit from a paid Summer internship with a major financial institution in the City of London.

When you graduate from University, we will include you in our YWIF Graduate Recruitment programme, introducing you to a wide range of financial institutions for interview. The aim is that we help you to secure a permanent role within one of our client organisations, and we will support you every step of the way with putting together your CV, interview preparation and deciding which job offer (of several, hopefully!) to accept. We run this programme at no cost to anyone – we do not ask our client for a fee for your introduction, so you are at no disadvantage to any other graduate… in fact you will have several distinct advantages!

As part of the Graduate Recruitment programme, the business which hires you also commits to sponsoring you through the final two papers (Professional Stage) of your CISI qualification.

Further information

For more information on the programme and to get involved contact:



Dan McCarthy
Chief Executive Officer
+44 (0)20 3907 1450