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We are relationship people

Our company culture is different to that of any other recruitment company we know, and we strongly believe that this, alongside the calibre and commitment of our Consultants, is what sets us apart from the rest.

We are down to earth and pragmatic.  We are relationship people.  We work with people and organisations we believe in, and we go the extra mile for them. Furthermore, we want to have fun!  We don’t agree that having a sense of humour and wanting a serious, fulfilling career are mutually exclusive concepts.

To read more about our people, click on the profiles below.

The Board

Michelle Watson


Dan McCarthy

Chief Executive Officer

Scott Beckson

Chief Operating Officer

The Team

Rory Callow

Associate Director (Private Equity)

Ashley Hunt

Associate Director (Americas)

Jason Moore

Manager (Advisory)

Mercedes Perez

Manager (Americas)

Patrick Reyes

Consultant (Americas)

Giuseppina Abbate

Consultant (Americas)

Christina Libutti

Consultant (Americas)

Phil Ugarte

Consultant (Americas)

Louis Cutter

Junior Analyst (Americas)

Harry Buss

Consultant (Private Equity)

Jack Atkins

Consultant (Private Equity)

Liam Dunne

Consultant (Private Equity)

Nameesha Sharma

Consultant (Structured Finance)

Ryan Killingback

Consultant (Structured Finance)

Henry Pepperell

Consultant (Advisory)

Tim Walton

Consultant (Advisory)

George Beale

Consultant (Advisory)

Kofi Adu


Kyle Forder

Commercial Finance Manager